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Rainman (inspired by sleeplessness on a rainy night)


There is a timid tap at the door.

“Who is there?” Andrew goes to the door and listens.


“Who? Who is there?!” Andrew turns the key in the lock and opens the door, curiously looking out.

A tall thin figure is blocking the doorway.

“Rаinman!” The stranger repeats once more with conviction.

“What do you want at this hour?”

“Who is there, Andrew?” he hears the worried voice of his wife.

“Everything is all right, Mashenka, I’ll be right there!” Andrew looks questioningly at the skinny man at the door, “its time to sleep, and you go hobbling around!”

“I wanted to see how you are in there…” the Rainman floods the doorway and nervously drummes his fingers on the door frame.

“Come on, stop it!” Andrew sharply shouts back at him, “There’s nothing for you to do here! Its late! We have gone to bed. And you just don’t go visiting people without being invited!”

“Why not? I did!” the stranger suddenly starts crying.

“Now-now, don’t go getting all damp here in the middle of the night.”

Rainman brushes a large teardrop off his nose, making him smell of ozone, fallen leaves, and something else wet.

“May I come in?” shyly, childishly he looks down at Andrew.

“You have nothing to do here!” Andrew firmly repeats, but remains standing in the doorway looking intently at the newcomer.

Rainman glints in his wet cloak in the twilight of the doorway.

“I’ve walked so long, I’m tired,” the lean man whimpers.

“Why are you wandering around, keeping us awake?” Andew asks again

“Do you want me to play something funny for you?”

“No, God forbid!”

“Do you need any help around the house? Water the flowers, wash the dishes…”

“No, we’ll do it ourselves. You always under or over- fill everything!”

“I am sorry, I m like without measure you know”, the wanderer threw up his hands in a sorrowful manner.

“May I stay by your window?”

“As long as you like!” relieved, Andrew closes the door.

“Who was there?” asks again his wife.


“Who is that?”

Author: T. Weingart