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Seventeenth fable. 0.0 … ∞ about time

He bent down to pick up the autumn leaf and was taken aback.
The leaf fell apart from his touch. It tooks an eternity, but he did not notice…

Time flows, leaking through fingers.
Time flies, goes back or stops.
Time will be regretted at the end, if wasted at the beginning.
Time is a strong currency, which does not depend on inflation and cannot be changed.
Time is Chronos and Kairos. You can invest in both- its quality and quantity, but it is not possible to change one to another, time is lost.
Our ancestors said “time was like that,” we say “now time is like this”. Time is like this and that.
Time is inexorable and merciless, and yet time is a great healer.
Happiness takes no account of time, and he who pays attention to time has not enough of it.
To save one own’s time means to save someone else’s time. Arriving late to meet – stealing the time of who was waiting, and paying back with one own’s time, forced to listen to someone’s boring chatter or fulfilling someone’s annoying requests.
To think that someone can explain or identify time fully, it’s like losing your mind.
You can try to recognise this moment of time, and yet, when it already seems as if you are about to realize it, time takes this moment and gives you another.

And it all starts again from the beginning. Again and again. And so on to eternity. Tick-tack, tick-tack.

Author: T. Weingart

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