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Sixth fable. About the weather and the true friends.

Waking up in the morning, Masha suddenly felt that something was different. Going out, she realized what the difference was. The weather. There was no weather at all. No wind, no rain, no snow, no fog. It was neither cold nor hot. Nothing!
The sun and the moon were gone, and instead of the sky there was an emptiness.
Masha suddenly felt that she had nothing to rely on, she didn’t know how to start her day.

Usually her day began with looking outside and everything was dancing from here on. Masha grumbled first about the weather for a while. For her it was either too windy, or too sunny, or too cloudy, or too foggy.
Then she calibrated the weather for a long time, adjusting it to her plans.

Then Masha realized that she had offended the weather. The weather had gone! It had left forever. The weather had gone to those, who waited and welcomed it. Masha also thought that if she were the weather, she would have had enough a long time ago.
And Masha understood, that if the weather would not forgive it, then following her, flora and fauna would also be gone very soon, and even the stones of her house will slowly, but surely move. And after that Masha would disappear without her faithful friends, like a speck of dust without dust.

Cause, after all, whatever one may say, the faithful friends are the most patient friends. And they are patient because they know that they are needed by you!

Author T. Weingart

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