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Seventh fable. Rainbowpeople

The rainbow connects two points – here and there.
It is a gate.
It is an invitation to the skyway.

The wealth of the world consists of connecting everything.
All the languages of ​​the world together form the key to the treasury. Each language is unique in its own way, but alone, it isn’t perfect.
Learn one word, that interest you the most, in many different languages ​​and you will feel how it harmonises, the true meaning goes beyond our normal understanding.

All folks, all traditions, all conventions, all music, poetry and prose, smells and sounds, feelings and senses, all of them, added together, one to one – is the wealth of the world. In connection it is the beauty of the world and its power. In monotony – its impoverishment.

And now, there are such people – rainbowpeople. They were born in one place, but now they live in a completely different place. They love both of them. The rainbowpeople are like bridges between here and there. They often combine two points across the continents. They are, maybe, already strangers there, and, still, not absolutely native here. It is not easy for them. Rainbowpeople are stretched to the sky. They hold both sides, like a kid by the hand, often despite their resistance. They need to be tolerant there and considerate here. They understand that it is not easy to see another colour, standing on one end of the infinite colourpalette. Rainbowpeople empathize both sides, because they weren’t always the rainbowpeople, but they were a point here or there.

Rainbowpeople transmit the combined colours of both sides through the rainbow. It’s the only way to understand that both sides are right. There are no wrong sides at all. They are just different. They are like different colors of the palette, which when mixed, could be shown as light to the artist.

Author T. Weingart

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