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First fable. How humans sound.

Humans sound like music.
Everyone has his own musical instrument, plays his own symphony.

A musical individual will always value beautiful music made by other people, but will also immediately feel the wrong tones. A sensitive person needs only one false note to spoil his impression of the whole composition.
When new people get together, their orchestra starts tuning. Selection of instruments, choice of repertoire are going on. Cacophony of sounds. After several rehearsals, the orchestra starts to come together. The first violin and the contrabass, the solo of the pipe, the conductor and the composition have been choosen, the seats have been located. After the concert the people of the orchestra go their separate ways, but a couple of them are staying still and spending some time together. People say that “they can sing together”. Their vibrations create a new music.

If you want to learn a new language – listen to its music. Words are just notes. If you hear the music, you can sing it without knowledge of the notes, you can understand it without language skills.

Author T. Weingart

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