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Nineteenth fable. Gifts from the Universe.

The Universe has favourably showered us with gifts. The gifts sometimes lie on the surface – come and take them.

Sometimes you have to look for the gifts or unlock them with a special key or code. The most valuable gifts need to be
sought out with a map, like treasure.

For instance (let us say), you come somewhere in search of an answer to a problem and you see a person in a bad mood, who is obviously not sympathetic to you and doesn’t want to help you. What is here? Here is the Jackpot, the main win! Pay attention. Listen! Turn off your emotions. Just listen to what this person is saying. In their words (or in their screams) the answer will come to you. Only if you are attentive will you hear it.
Well, so everything is quite simple – although how much of an individual we consider ourselves to be, we all are still part of a single harmonious whole.
Do you think that when someone is unkind it breaks the harmony? No!
This person is only trying, although not very skillfully, to give something.
The greatest happiness for everyone is to give and even more so, if these gifts are accepted. So human structure is woven. When a person is afraid that his gifts will not be accepted, he gives them with pressure, he screams.
When a person is going against his nature and doesn’t want to give anything, he will unintentionally give the whole treasury. Listen. And thank.

Author: T. Weingart

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