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Twenty fourth. Memories of paradise.

Somewhere, in a faraway land, there were people. In some ways they were like us. But all of them, as one, were wizards. And each and everyone of them performed miracles in his beloved field. And because all those miracles were absolutely harmonious, the country was like a paradise. And so this country was called – the paradise country. But one day a strong wind blew and swept the whole country of harmonies, as if it had never existed. And wizards were scattered throughout the earth. No one knows why, but the wizards, who could overcame the flight, lost their memory.

So it is, that they still live among us and don’t know, that they are wizards, and don’t remember which miracles they can do. Only sometimes, have led from the memory of his soul and his hands, they achieve to create their own harmony. And that feeling of unlimited happiness thereby reminds them somehow of paradise, of something so sophisticated, but, unfortunately, forgotten.
And who knows, maybe someday memory will return to them?
And who knows, maybe you are one of them?

Author: T. Weingart

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