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Eleventh fable. About depths and paths.

Only when you dare to face the truth and name all the feelings, especially those that hide deep inside you, then things will start to be interesting. Interesting for you to be with yourself, because you will begin to discover your true endless field of possibilities, you will get on the path of self-finding. But this road is not a highway with a lot of other fellow travellers, but a narrow path, on which there is only one place – for you.

Youth – speed, maturity – depth. Don’t be afraid, we won’t drown, we’ve become strong, we’ve already learnt to swim. It doesn’t matter anymore that we are getting old, becoming unattractive. And because of the mass of water between the youth, that is swimming on the water surface and us in the depth, we seem to them complicated and faded. To be afraid of loneliness is too late, it has already begun. And the struggle for attention makes no more sense.

Walk your way lightly and alone, or be the part of the aging mainstream, but consciously and tastefully.

Author: T. Weingart

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