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Fourteenth fable. Life in iPhone.

She looked at herself through her iPhone long and very often, adjusting her smiles and poses to the angles and standards of the camera’s eyes. But one day …

The phone blocked and suddenly announced that it didn’t see anyone any selfie, so there was nothing worth to be photographed. She had to smile and bow for a long time to get any output at all.

Then the iPhone (don’t forget – the offspring of a simple phone family!), as if mocking, identified her face as a Peter from Facebook.

And because Peter’s current location was in a supermarket for rubber dolls in Hong Kong, Google intervened and requested to write a couple of nice words about this place and back it up with some photos.

In her frustration, she tried to calm her frayed nerves by eating. But her home connect refrigerator didn’t open the door, blocked by a food purchase app and supported by a fitness&nutrision app, which also sent a warning mail about “what such late gluttony is fraught with”.

Heating was switched off, despite the frost, because the weather app gave information about the Hong Kong wheather, where Peter was now (what a hell he was doing there!).

For full happiness, Amazon sent a rickshaw cart as a trial to Peter’s location (having previously debit the large sum of money from her account).

Reasons: rush hour and traffic jams in Hong Kong at this time plus Peter’s profile of social media calculated that after the supermarket Peter could need to party hard. And where he goes to party hard knows Google as well as his curious neighbours. And to get there at this time was possible only by rickshaw or on a racing bike. The bicycle was still in process of being built in China, and the rickshaw cart was in stock.

She desperately pressed Dash Button “cut the Internet”,which was hanging over her bed for emergency cases, and … woke up! The phone on the bedside table showed 35 missed messages, but to her delight, it recognized her fingerprint, called her by name and even displayed her sleepy selfie.

What a nightmare!

Author: T. Weingart

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