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Fifteenth fable. False mirrors.

Once upon a time, in a country (maybe you know it, maybe not), lived Robert, a middle aged knight.

And everything was as it usually was and this would have carried on like that, but one day … Robert noticed that his mirror didn’t reflect himself, as before. Now someone else was looking at him from the mirror.

Robert remembered that there was a ritual of initiation into the knights of the highest rank. In darkness they had to stand with a candle in front of the mirror – after a while they suddenly saw another face in the mirror. Even some of the bravest knights dared not to go through the ritual. And Robert, though not timid, didn’t really want to experience it too.

Now, there was the moment to reflect on many things. For example, how did this person in the mirror differ from him? How did the knight regard himself? Well, anyway, more younger and likeable as in the mirror!

But he had always been able to trust the mirror before! And once looked in the mirror he was very pleasant.
And now, doubts and scepticism grew more with every day.

Robert was absorbed in his thoughts. And maybe even today he would have still been deep in his thoughts, but at that time a prince from overseas passed his castle. He saw the knight in his hopeless and desperate situation and asked him, what would such a glorious knight worry about? Robert told him his story. Coincidentally this prince came from a distant country, where there were no any mirrors at all.

And he told him why: all mirrors are crooked, they distort everything: in youth they do flatter them, and in maturity insult. A mirror reflection is therefore false, because it shows the opposite to the original, back-to-front and makes the shown person often sad and weak. Reflection in the mirror is like a bad fake, which disappears without the energy of the original. What you need is to believe your most faithful friend – your soul! The soul is on the same side as you and looks with your eyes to the same side as you. As a true friend, your soul will always tell the truth, and its sincerity will increase your strength and glory.

After Robert had listen to all the things the prince had to say, he went on a long journey to the foreign country without mirrors. There he met many beautiful people. They believed in their spirit and their spirit was blossoming and singing!

Author: T. Weingart

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