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Sixteenth fable. Gifts for God.

To be in the right place at the right time and in the right form is easy. To BE IN these things – yes, but it happens rarely.
More often the appearance fits either in the past or in the future. So either the time is up, or it hasn’t come yet.

Sometimes somebody judges you at first sight and you do not dare to enter their court.
Sometimes it’s as if you’re swimming underwater and trying to say something, letting bubbles out instead of words.
And others pass by and look at your bubbles, as something incomprehensible, something wrong, and more often they completely ignore them …

What then?
Then you can only help yourself! You are like the Baron Munchausen, pulling yourself out of a swamp by your own hair.
Only you, screaming to yourself that your bubbles are correct, continue to bubble, this is your destiny and your happiness!

Even though it is impossible to push it into any niche and open your own business, because there is no need at all and cannot be any in this place and at this moment. And anyway, you leave at last your unloved monotonous work and do your favourite bubbles!

And this everything in the only hope that when you come into God’s presence, bringing your bubbles to him as your gift, with the words: “this is what I did with love!”, God will sincerely rejoice in them and accepting them as something of real value, will understand what you’ve bubbled in your life!

Author T. Weingart

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