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Twenty eighth. The place brighten up the person, and the person – the place.

Place brighten up

Those, who have moved to another country know, how difficult is in a foreign land the first … teen years. It takes years for the foreign land to become native. That integration takes an average of seven years, I read in scientific literature. And I simply wondered, how exactly did this time pattern coincide with my feelings! Moreover, this period does not depend on effort you invested in it. I had felt as if I might only look at the new world, but I couldn’t take an active part in it. Partly cause as if the rules of the game are incomprehensible, partly cause as if it has been not allowed for me to play on the field, have been kept on a reserve bench.

After seven years, many doors happen to open by themselves and I no longer feel separated, but as part of a community. It is interesting, that separation is almost always felt strongly, and a community is becoming included in the structure of the personality and felt not as intensively anymore or not felt at all. Except, sure, when you specifically work on this matter through meditation or other spiritual practices.

Let us return to my favorite world of plants. By analogy, the transplanted apple tree begins to bear fruit in full force after several years of integration – plus minus seven years.
Now we know, that only patience and time, and not effort, is required for both: after plants transplanting and after the human moving. The question is: where we “transfer” ourselves. Is it a fertile ground for us?

It has been scientifically proven that beautiful housing / place of residence provides a positive effect on a person’s fate. Here we mean harmonious beautiful housing, not a golden cage. The family (cosy) place, where you want to come home.
Again, statistics confirm, those lucky children, who grew up in a beautiful building / yard are more prosperous, than children, who had to live in grey concrete blocks.
By the way, also statistics confirms, that people, who are friends with prosperous married couples, have a better chance to create a happy family unit as well.
But what about those, who do not have a beautiful place to live and no opportunity to move?
Consider yourself lucky even more! After all, then it is YOU, who can brighten up your place.

Start to change something. This may be anything, but that feeds your soul: plant a tree in the courtyard or sing mantras in the morning, make pleasant contact with your neighbors or listen to the old woman on the corner, even start to run every day.

It is important, that changes be introduced gradually. Patience and time! And also the belief, that you are able to change something. And that is all the ingredients of magic.
But, do not expect, that your changes will be immediate and with delight accepted. Maybe everything will be exactly the opposite. But (!) over time (!) your efforts comes back hundredfold. A good trend is contagious. The environment will gradually tighten. And whom the new vibration is pressing on their ears and who are not ready for positive changes, they are “unexpectedly” moving to another place.
Sure, if you have enough spark, it is better to create a community. Together you can achieve a lot.
For example: to obtain permission to repaint the grey block in the orange-brick colour (Hello Tuscany); to build a playground together; to appoint as a caretaker the friendly non-drinker uncle Vasya, who is anyway retired and whom is also very important to feel himself still necessary and a additional earnings will not hurt … and so on.

If this is not a high-rise building, but your own house, here you can generally move mountains. Well, firstly, to get rid of rubbish, and also secondly, and thirdly. It’s generally the best way to start. And then, on the free space – create!  Mix the ingredients of your destiny. And remember, how your creation affects your environment.

God help you!

Author: T. Weingart

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