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Twenty fifth. A Traveler.


Having met a traveler, ask first from where he’s been taking his way. Perhaps he came from afar.

Perhaps he had been walking for many years down one difficult path to here, where you have always been.

Maybe that is what’s for you a matter of five minutes, for him took forever. And not even because you are smarter than him, but because you have started from different points.

If someone makes fun of your achievements, just know – your path was difficult, and the mocker doesn’t have the right experience to understand you. He does not realize because he did not pass it. There is dust on your shoes, and your hands are grazed. You fought (your way) through the blackthorn, went from yourself to himself to understand him. Do not expect that he’ll understand you. He will laugh about your strategies and plans to learn that, what he has always known…

And then, you have learnt and the offender is going to be quiet. But you won’t find out about that anymore. You’re on your way again. On the new road to new knowledge….because this new space has become a comfort zone for you and you feel bored in it… because you walk in giant strides. And that is what someone standing sees from his fixed point, just one frame of your whole movie.

Author: T. Weingart

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