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Twenty seventh. Nature abhors a vacuum.


About six years ago, having become the happy owner of the garden, I, as a novice gardener, learned through trial and error. That was then that the phrase I’ve met in the agrarian book got under my skin: “The earth cannot be naked!”
Stubbornly figthing against a weed, I was simply amazed how quickly new green shoots of the most varied varieties were peeking in the weeded place.
The read phrase gave its sprouts also in me- the awareness of it came: !Living! earth can not be bare! Living earth is always covered, it is protected by snow from the cold and by biomass from the heat.
If you want that nothing grow temporary, cover the ground.

When you know the essence, it is easier to find the way.
Working in my garden began to get on well. Now I looked with new respect at the weeds. I learned that there is a whole science about special weeds, which working as fertilizer or as a doctor, restoring the soil even after infection with hazardous production waste. The incoming plant is always perfect in shape and for the place, and it has a reason why it comes.

Empty place cannot be bare!
Awareness of this grew, not only in my garden, it began to acquire a more global scale.
Do you want to bring something new into your life, do you thirst for a wind of change? Create emptiness! Free up space! The vacuum of emptiness will attract the new stuff.
Similarly, if an empty space was formed without your intention, something new will definitely come in this place. There isn’t an empty place in nature at all, it is always filled with something.
Do you want to attract not just anything, but something certain, work with the forms of emptiness and with the place of emptiness. What comes will fit in shape and for the place.

Do you crave for new ideas? Clear out your desktop, remove all unnecessarities, throw away your old ideas. Create emptiness in speech by your silence and observe. Force yourself if necessary to do nothing, to think nothing, to not start anything for a while. And you will be surprised at the rainbow of ideas that will fill the emptiness.

Do you want to find a partner for life – make room. Work with a form of emptiness, if you know how he (she) should be. A person who loves nature is not easy to meet on a concreted street of city. It does not fit her/him in shape; this is not the soil on which she/he wants to grow.

Well, if you don’t know what you specifically want … Create na emptiness and watch what comes, what will respond. Nature is wise – it comes what fits. And if you don’t like what fits to you – transFORM yourself!

Author: T. Weingart

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