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Twenty sixth. Native presents.

Native presents

Remember the tale of Sleeping Beauty? The invited fairies gave the princess a lot of beautiful gifts. But one witch was so annoyed that nobody invited her to the party, that she gave the princess another kind of present.

We all receive inborn gifts, some of them are beautiful and some are not quite as beautiful, but they are all gifts of nature.
In the beginning, the gifts of beauty can be well distinguished from the gifts, which you would willingly refuse if you could.
But by and by everything changes places. Beautiful gifts become as useless as candy wrappers. And it is the difficult gifts that develop and transform us.
Thus, the beauty given to a woman by nature can corrupt, and someone, who has an extraordinary mind and is praised can be distracted from his work and this could even lets him rest on his laurels of glory.

According to statistics: somebody, who is hardworking achieves success more than someone, who is “only” talented.
With difficult gifts in turn, everything is exactly the opposite. A person with a disability develops compensatory.
Many famious people have received these gifts like from the “spinning wheels presented from the uninvited witch”. They had to either overcome the consequences of such a “present” or compensate by developing the corresponding qualities.
There are, to be correct, exceptions.
So, that means, this is very important to have a look at your “difficult gifts”. Why were they given to you? To develop what?
And carefull with your beautiful gifts!

The fairytale wasn’t true, but there was a hint inside…;)

Author: T. Weingart

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